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Township Update October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013

Dear Fellow Russell Residents,

With two years of my term as a Russell Township Trustee almost gone, I would like to share with you how I have been working for our community.
Either alone or in tandem with my fellow Trustees, I have taken on and successfully completed the following projects:


  • Shared in evaluating and responding to the massive cuts in Russell’s annual income when the State of Ohio repealed the Estate Tax and made major cuts to Local Government Funding
  • Converted our recycling program to a profitable center
  • Negotiated an ongoing program of support for our Russell Parks Commission which will gradually decrease the Township’s help over time
  • Oversaw the updating, upgrading and improving of our township web site
  • Shared in facilitating a plan with the President of the Russell Historical Society to pursue an effective upgrade of the historic Russell Town Hall
  • Concurred in the decision to merge Russell’s Maintenance Department into our Road Department to promote greater efficiency and cost savings
  • Accepted a lead responsibility in preparing for the impact of and changes to policies related to our township employees which were imposed on our local government by the Affordable Care Act

When campaigning for the office of Russell Township Trustee, I promised to be very active and hands on in managing the business of our Township.  I hope that the above highlights will demonstrate to you that I was serious about keeping those promises and will continue to do so in the next two years.



Justin F. Madden,                                                                                                                          Russell Twp. Trustee




Justin Madden was sworn in on Tues. Dec. 27th, 2011 by Hon. Mary Jane Trapp, Judge on the 11th District Court of Appeals